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About Us :

Dilemma Games Metal Factory and Export office in China
        Dilemma Eastern Games specializes in manufacturing and exporting metal brain teasers. Some of them incorporating ancient chinese craftship. Looking incredibly easy, the mind-simulating puzzles may catch your for hours. Maybe it's time to believe "missions impossible" do exists in life. We offer ranges of Cast Puzzles, Music Series/Heavy Metals, Wire Puzzles, Sets. All puzzels come with instructions in writing and vedio format.


Dilemma Games Wooden Factory and Export Office in Thailand

        Wooden factory and Export department are located in Klangchonpratan Road 3,CM, Thailand., an area famous for growing wood of premium quality.Our products are made out of quality wood from Northern Thailand, Monkey Pod and Rubber Wood. Each product is designed as a precise piece of art, a pleasure to the eyes. They comply with the international production standards and

universal environmental requirements. Click here to see more than 300 wooden puzzles.Our products have a rang of difficulty levels: from easy to difficult. They are suitable for all ages and IQ levels. From toddlers and preschoolers to grown-ups, everyone can find themselves captivated by our games for hours.

Our Philosophy:
        We are edu-creational! We promote creative thinking and encourage problem-solving abilities.  

Product Service and Support
      We add value to our quality product by our services and expertise:
           We provide assistance and consultance to help match the puzzles to your target audience
          Individual and personal support from day of purchase to day of delivery
           Literal and Vedio Solutions and instructions for all puzzles (click here to see example)
           OEM prodcut and package designs
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